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Victim service providers

The National Census of Victim Service Providers: Data, Resources, and Implications for Practitioners

March 2023
This webinar provides an overview of the National Census of Victim Service Providers (NCVS) and a demonstration of recently released interactive maps analyzing the 2017 data at the county level. Learn the importance of these data to the victim services field, how they can be used to understand the current landscape of victim services across the country, and characteristics of victim service providers.

OVC FY 2023 Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking

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The purpose of this program is to develop, expand, or strengthen a multidisciplinary approach to better respond to human trafficking. This collaborative approach must include a range of partners that work together to provide access to a diverse set of services for trafficking victims and to seek justice on their behalf.

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New Report: Victim Service Providers in U.S. Counties, 2017

This brief Just the Stats report presents findings on the organizations that served victims of crime or abuse as their primary function or had dedicated staff or programs to serve victims, based on data from the National Census of Victim Service Providers, 2017.

The report uses maps to display the rates of victim service providers per 100,000 residents for U.S. counties in the 50 states...

OVC FY 2023 Expanding Access to Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations

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OVC seeks to establish or expand sexual assault examination programs that focus on increasing the number and availability of SANEs/SAFEs, expanding access to sexual assault forensic examinations, and improving the quality of post-sexual assault care using a hospital-based, community-based, campus-based, or corrections-based approach.