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Missing or Murdered Indigenous Persons (MMIP)

State Resources


Reducing Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: Arizona’s Statewide Study in Partnership with the HB2570 Legislative Study Committee

Date Published: November 2020

This report aims to tell a data-driven story about what is known about, along with best practices to reduce, missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Arizona.


To’ kee skuy’ soo ney-wo-chek’ - I Will See You Again In a Good Way

This project aims to generate a clear and thorough understanding of the scale and dynamics of cases of trafficked, missing, and murdered Native American women and children in Northwestern California, and design and implement a pilot blueprint for Tribes to intervene in and prevent such cases.


Holoi ā nalo Wāhine ‘Ōiwi: Missing and Murdered Native Hawaiian Women and Girls Task Force Report (Part 1)

Date Published: 2022

This report demonstrates that Native Hawaiian women and girls experience disproportionate rates of violence and that more than a quarter of missing girls in Hawaii are Native Hawaiian.


HCR33 Report: Idaho's Missing & Murdered Indigenous

Date Published: September 2021

This report cites several sources to report on the missing or murdered Indigenous persons crisis in Idaho. It combines quantitative (numerical) research methods with Indigenous qualitative research methods.


Minnesota Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Task

The mission of this task force was to—

  • advise the Commissioner of Public Safety on the issue of MMIW;
  • report recommendations to the legislature about reducing and ending violence against Indigenous women and girls in Minnesota, including members of the two-spirit community; and
  • serve as a liaison between the commissioner, agencies, and organizations that provide legal, social, or other community services.

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Task Force: A report to the Minnesota Legislature

Date Published: December 2020

This report to the Minnesota Legislature includes mandates that aim to reduce and end violence against Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit people in Minnesota. It is a road map for the Commissioner of Public Safety, other state agencies, and organizations that provide legal, social, and other community services throughout Minnesota.


Montana Missing Indigenous Persons Task Force

The task force seeks to—

  1. identify jurisdictional barriers between federal, state, local, and Tribal law enforcement and community agencies; and
  2. identify strategies to improve interagency communication, cooperation, and collaboration to remove jurisdictional barriers and increase reporting and investigation of missing Indigenous persons in Montana.


Missing Native American Persons: Nebraska Study Details Scope of Problem, Urges Culturally Sensitive Research and Better Access to Justice

Date Published: May 2023

The challenges of reporting and investigating missing persons cases may be exacerbated among Native American missing persons primarily due to jurisdictional issues and a lack of policies, coordination, and relationships between Tribal and non-Tribal law enforcement agencies, as well as racial (mis)classification when entering the cases into databases. 

Learn about a National Institute of Justice-funded study in Nebraska that could light the way for other states with significant Native American populations to examine the scope and nature of the problem and identify partnership-driven solutions. 

LB154 Report: Prevalence of Missing Native American Women and Children in Nebraska; Barriers to Reporting and Investigating; and Opportunities for Partnerships

Date Published: May 2020

This study aims to—

  1. determine the scope of missing Native American women and children in Nebraska,
  2. identify barriers to reporting and investigating missing Native American women and children in Nebraska, and
  3. find ways to create partnerships to increase reporting and investigating missing Native American women and children in Nebraska.

New Mexico/Navajo Nation

Native Americans Verified as Missing Throughout New Mexico and the Navajo Nation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation maintains this list of Native Americans it has verified as missing throughout New Mexico and the Navajo Nation. The list is updated monthly and includes first and last names, dates of birth, gender, dates of last contact, and pictures (when available).

New Mexico Indian Affairs Department: Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Relatives Resources

This website discusses a task force that is collaborating with Tribal governments, Tribal law enforcement, and the U.S. Department of Justice to determine how to address the crisis by creating partnerships and improving processes for reporting and investigating cases, while supporting families and communities with resources.

New Mexico Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives: Task Force Report

Date Published: December 2020

This report provides an overview of legislation that serves as the foundation for the work of the task force and the research summarized in this report and offers background and context for this issue in New Mexico. It offers a summary of the findings of the research conducted for the state, along with findings and policy recommendations from the task force’s research.


U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Oregon Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Report

Date Published: February 2021

This report provides Tribal communities, law enforcement, and the public an overview of the currently available data regarding MMIP cases connected to the District of Oregon and the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Action Plan for 2021.


Washington State Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and People Task Force

The task force will assess systemic causes behind the high rate of disappearances and murders of indigenous women and people. The team will produce two reports to the Governor and Legislature about the task force’s findings.


Wisconsin Department of Justice Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Task Force

The task force is charged with helping fight the abduction, homicide, violence, and trafficking of Indigenous women in Wisconsin.


Wyoming Missing & Murdered Indigenous People Task Force: 2023 Update

Date Published: 2023

This report details the task force’s accomplishments and progress, shares input from community stakeholders, provides updated data about Wyoming’s Indigenous victims of homicide and missing people, offers an overview of the recent literature on MMIP, and outlines the task force’s next steps.

Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Statewide Report Wyoming

Date Published: 2021

The report compares media coverage of homicide and missing persons cases for Indigenous people in Wyoming to coverage given to other races in the state.

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