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2020 VOCA National Training Conference

Event Dates

The VOCA National Training Conference has been changed to a virtual event. The dates of the conference will be held Monday, August 31 through Thursday, September 3, 2020, with a modified schedule. The revised schedule will be 4-half-days with a start time of 12:00 p.m. eastern time to accommodate the continental U.S time zones. Sessions will end at 4:15 p.m. eastern time. Following the sessions, there will be potential opportunities for additional networking or chats. Each day will end no later than 5:15 p.m. eastern time.

The VOCA National Training Conference is designed exclusively for VOCA assistance and state compensation administrators, staff and Board members. Every state crime victim compensation program and VOCA assistance grantee is required to send at least one key official to this conference, as a VOCA formula grant special condition. 

The conference is a unique opportunity for all VOCA administrators, managers, staff, and Board members to obtain critical up-to-date information on VOCA funding and ways to improve program and grant management. This joint conference is also an excellent opportunity for you to exchange information, experiences, and ideas with people with similar responsibilities in other states as well as meet with federal officials, your colleagues from other states and allied professions. 

Event Type
Event Option(s)
Live, Online
Sponsor(s) / Host(s)
National Association of VOCA Assistance Administrators (NAVAA), National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards (NACVCB), Office for Victims of Crime
Phone number
Registration Status
Date Created: June 22, 2020