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Advanced Forensic Interviewing

Event Dates
B. Ocean Resort

Fort Lauderdale, FL

This training has moved from April 22-24, 2020 to July 22-24, 2020.

The training is not protocol specific. It is designed for any experienced child forensic interviewers who would like to build on their interviewing skills.

The training begins with an up-to-date review of "best practices"; but quickly moves to address specific populations that place demands on forensic interviewers to adapt their practice, exploring methods to elicit details required by the multidisciplinary team, and assessing the effects of trauma on children.

Advanced Forensic Interview training also provides an opportunity for observation of the participant's recorded interviews followed by feedback and discussion.

Participants are asked to bring recordings of challenging interviews to share with the class.

Completion of a recognized forensic interviewing basic training and current forensic interview practice is required.

Name: Stacie Dice
Phone: 256-327-3838

Date Created: June 3, 2020