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Building Successful Human Trafficking Cases Using Digital Evidence: Investigative Tools for Law Enforcement


This recorded webinar highlights the training, resources, and technical assistance provided by the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) for Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) Human Trafficking Task Forces. 

NW3C provides a unique offering of training options, tools, and templates that can be utilized by law enforcement, regulatory agencies, and other criminal justice professionals investigating and responding to human trafficking.

NW3C’s trainings and resources can assist law enforcement in human trafficking investigations where there are intersections with cybercrime and financial crimes. Since many human trafficking cases involve these components, developing this knowledge will help law enforcement build successful cases using digital evidence. 

Target Audience: Law enforcement personnel

Overall Objectives: 

  • Identify NW3C training beneficial for human trafficking investigations .
  • Identify relevant NW3C investigative resources, such as legal templates, law enforcement guides, law enforcement cyber alerts, and mobile guides .
  • Understand how to obtain free technical assistance for human trafficking investigations .
  • Learn how to access the Law Enforcement Cyber Center and the resources available that will benefit human trafficking investigations .
  • Learn how to access NW3C’s suite of tools relevant to human trafficking investigations, including PhotoHunter and Report Generator that can assist with digital investigations.

Presented by: Jeff Lybarger, Associate Vice President, NW3C  and Tyler Wotring, Associate Vice President, NW3C 

Moderated by: Jessie Plamp, Project Coordinator, International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Date Created: February 2, 2022