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Developing Trauma Informed Juvenile Healing to Wellness Courts (Webinar)

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This presentation will focus on the importance of a trauma informed approach in juvenile justice systems.

Presenters will discuss why trauma informed practices are needed and what it means to be trauma informed.

Content will cover ways to recognize and respond to trauma in the courtroom and strategies for implementing a trauma-informed approach.

The presenters will provide considerations for assessing and referring a youth who has experienced trauma.

After this presentation, participants will:
1. Understand the importance of a trauma informed approach in juvenile justice healing to wellness courts
2. Be able to better identify the presence of trauma in an individual appearing in the justice setting
3. Learn ways to respond to an individual who may be having a traumatic reaction in the court room
4. Understand some of the strategies healing to wellness courts can employ when implementing a trauma informed approach
5. Understand the difference between trauma informed assessments and those that do not specifically assess for trauma along with information regarding trauma responsive referral sources

Facilitator: Ashley Trautman, MSW, JD; MSW Program Director/Assistant Professor University of Montana School of Social Work, Juvenile Justice Technical Assistance Specialist National Native Children's Trauma Center

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Date Created: December 12, 2019