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First Responder Roles in Missing and Abducted Child Cases

Event Dates
Prescott Valley Library Auditorium/Council Chambers

Prescott Valley, AZ

This course provides law enforcement first responders, from call intake through initial on-scene response, with policy, procedural and operational resources information to support swift, decisive and effective action hours when incidents of missing or abducted children occur.

This training is designed for call takers, first responders, investigators, law enforcement, law enforcement support, tribes/tribal partners.

Upon completion of this training, you will be able to take the necessary steps when responding to a report of an endangered, missing, or abducted child.

The deadline to register is July 8, 2020.

Name: Jim Walters
Phone: 877-712-6237
Email: [email protected]

Date Created: June 3, 2020