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Here, There and Everywhere - How Harm Perpetrated in the Home Impacts the Entire Community

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Event Dates
Plano Event Center

2000 E Spring Creek Parkway
Plano, TX

This presentation will explore the complex relationship between community violence and violence originating in the home. Incorporating case study examples of serial killers and mass violence incidents, the presenter will highlight common trends among mass violence perpetrators such as family violence and adverse childhood experiences. 

Participants will also understand how, reciprocatively, exposure to community violence can increase risk for abuse in the home, perpetuating a cycle of violence. 

Other topics incorporated into this discussion will include the impact of domestic violence on children, emotional maltreatment, the somatic effects of witnessing violence, animal cruelty, and teen suicide as well as prevention, intervention, and appropriate support systems.

Date Created: June 25, 2024