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The Medical Evaluation of Victims of Child Sex Trafficking (Webinar)

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This webinar is part of the Child Sex Trafficking Webinar Series, which has been revitalized. New information has been added as it pertains to research and legislation in regards to sex trafficking, both at the federal level and within the state of Georgia.

The updated modules include an emphasized public health approach to the issue, with more opportunities to review case studies. The seven modules cover topics related to international trafficking, survivor recovery and restoration, technology implications on child sexual exploitation, and the hidden victims of exploitation.

This module focuses on the role of medical providers in the evaluation and treatment of victims of child sex trafficking. Participants will learn about victim identification, how to use a trauma-informed approach to victim assessment and care, how to conduct the medical exam, how to provide appropriate testing and treatment, and what referrals may be made on behalf of the victim.

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Date Created: December 12, 2019