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More than Words: The Emotional Maltreatment of Children (Webinar)

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This webinar will discuss risks for psychological and emotional harm to children, with an emphasis on children who reside in a home or community where violence occurs.

Common misconceptions will be addressed, including the idea that a child can be "too young" to be impacted by exposure to violence, physically observable signs of injury are an appropriate estimator of victimization, and the idea that children who hear a violent act occur in the home but do not actually see it are not significantly harmed by it.

Other topics to be discussed include: the multiple forms of child emotional maltreatment, toxic stress and its effects on child development, child-caregiver attachment, "unavailable parenting" - the effects of witnessing threats or violence against animals in the home or community, and caregiver risk factors for perpetrating emotional maltreatment.

Name: Christina McCale
Phone: 360-866-0287
Email: [email protected]

Date Created: June 3, 2020