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National Crime Victims' Rights Week: Yoga & Trauma-Informed Meditation Part 1: 3 Components of Self-Compassion

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Society tends to glorify the hustle, the grind, the ability to push through the pain and keep going ... however, true resilience is the ability to stay present no matter what you're facing with courage and remember that you have options. This class will cover the 3 Components of Self-Compassion that can transform moments of difficulty, stress, and pain into opportunities for empowerment and growth. Through this formal practice, we do just that—practice being present and sending ourselves compassion so that we may do so in everyday life. While exploring the themes of Resiliency and Self-Compassion, we will move together in an energizing yoga flow (suitable for beginners and seasoned yogis alike) and drift into a guided mindfulness-based meditation. No materials are needed, but a yoga mat, soft towel, pillow, and water is encouraged.

Date Created: April 2, 2021