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Technology Innovations for Civil Legal Aid Clients and Victims of Crime: Stronger Together (Webinar)

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Over the past two decades, the Legal Services National Technology Assistance Project program has seeded legal aid technology innovations in nearly every state in the country.

The Office for Victims of Crime and State VOCA Administrators have been catalysts for technology initiatives to expand assistance for underserved victims of crime, often in partnership with legal aid and other community-based nonprofits. What is the relationship between these efforts within state justice communities, and how can programs build complementary digital strategies?

This workshop will highlight examples of technology collaborations between legal aid and victim-serving organizations to increase access to assistance for sexual and domestic violence survivors, victims of elder abuse, financial exploitation and other victimizations.

Panelists will share how these legal-technology partnerships were formed and funded, what challenges were overcome to ensure victim privacy and privilege, what we are learning from them, and how to stay abreast of developments in this arena.

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Date Created: December 12, 2019