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OVC FY 2021 Invited to Apply – Enhanced Collaborative Model Task Forces Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance

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The purpose of this solicitation is to select a set of coordinated training and technical assistance (TTA) providers to deliver a wide range of TTA services to local, state, and tribal jurisdictions, service providers receiving funding under the Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking Program, 1 and others as identified by OJP. TTA providers funded under this solicitation are expected to work in collaboration with other OJP-funded TTA programs that offer a range of services to support both crime victims and victim service providers This training and technical assistance program will support jurisdictions to: . Investigate and prosecute acts of severe forms of trafficking in persons and related offenses that occur, in whole or in part, within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. . Train law enforcement personnel how to identify victims of severe forms of trafficking in persons and related offenses. . Educate and train law enforcement personnel in how to establish trust of persons subjected to trafficking and encourage cooperation with prosecution efforts. This non-competitive invite is for Category 1: ECM Task Forces: Capacity Building and Implementation The TTA provider (to include subject matter experts) will mentor and guide current and future OJP-funded anti-trafficking task forces on the core elements of a high functioning ECM task force approach to include: mission and leadership, collaboration, capacity building, defined roles and responsibilities, data collection and information sharing, protocols, and sustainability.
Date Created: May 19, 2021