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Discretionary Grants

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Discretionary Grants

OVC discretionary grants are used to fund national-scope demonstration projects and training and technical assistance to enhance the expertise of victim service providers. Such grants can be awarded to states, local units of government, Tribal communities, individuals, educational institutions, and private nonprofit organizations.

These funds can be used to identify and implement promising practices, models, and programs, and to address gaps in training and technical assistance for the victim services field. Up to 50 percent of OVC discretionary funding can support and enhance services to federal crime victims through support for Tribal grants and positions at agencies such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of Defense, and the National Park Service. OVC discretionary funding also supports demonstration programs that may provide direct services.

Discretionary grants are awarded through a process that ensures open and fair competition. During this competitive process, grant applications undergo a preliminary review to verify that they are complete and meet the eligibility requirements stated in the solicitation.

Eligible applications are then reviewed and scored by a panel of subject matter experts using a set of selection criteria outlined in the grant solicitation. All applicants are notified of receipt of their proposal and whether or not it was selected for funding.

Visit the How to Apply for Funding section of our website for required steps to help you successfully apply for OVC discretionary grants.

Date Created: May 4, 2020