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Housing Survivors of Trafficking During COVID-19

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Date Published
January 2020
4 pages

This brief published by the Freedom Network Training Institute outlines housing issues that have arisen in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


This fact sheet by the Freedom Network Training Institute provides guidance for service providers as well as shelters and housing programs. There is a clear need for all individuals to have safe and stable housing. Programs may consider making immediate changes to quickly meet the housing needs of survivors, as well as planning for, and implementing, long-term solutions to increase access to housing for survivors. Although housing has always been an essential need for survivors of trafficking, communities throughout the United States are experiencing new challenges with the spread of COVID-19. Housing instability puts people at risk of trafficking when they are desperate to avoid homelessness and is often the primary need for survivors exiting a trafficking situation. Service providers are reporting increased barriers and challenges in accessing and providing housing for survivors in three general categories: (1) shelters and congregate housing programs, (2) housing insecurity, and (3) housing for underserved populations.

Date Published: January 1, 2020