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National Crime Victims' Service Awards

Step 4: Nomination Letters


Each nomination form must be accompanied by a letter that reflects as much as you know about the nominee's accomplishments and work to support crime victims. Your nomination letter should include your title, affiliation, and mailing and email addresses. No anonymous nominations will be accepted.

Your nomination letter should not exceed two single-spaced, single-sided, letter-size (8.5" x 11") pages and should be typed using a standard 11- or 12-point font. 

Hint: write your letter prior to initiating the nomination process. You may not save and return to your submission at a later date.

If you are nominating a group of individuals who work on a specific project, please submit only one nomination letter for the group of individuals. The online nomination form provides space for the contact information for each individual in the group.

Nomination Letter Guidelines

Refer to the following guidelines to help compose your nomination letter.

  • Use the nomination letter to provide a complete picture of the nominee's accomplishments.
  • Address all criteria under the award category for which you are nominating an individual or group.
  • Assume that the selection committee is completely unfamiliar with the work of the nominee.

Include specific examples that address what the nominee has achieved, how the nominee accomplished these achievements, and why the nominee's achievements have significance that should be recognized with a National Crime Victims' Service Award.

  • Explain what efforts the nominee has contributed to the victim services field that are unique, exceptional, or go beyond his or her job duties. Describe efforts such as—
    • extraordinary actions,
    • significant obstacles overcome, and
    • groundbreaking achievements.
  • Explain how the nominee has demonstrated leadership or teamwork in achieving these efforts. Describe elements such as—
    • visionary thinking or initiative,
    • innovative methods or creative ideas, and
    • collaboration or bringing together different groups.
  • Explain why the nominee's efforts represent change for victims or the victim services field that is or will be enduring. Describe efforts such as—
    • extraordinary benefits, restitution, or healing for victims;
    • laws that have been passed; and
    • programs that have been replicated.
  • Be as specific as possible, and include milestones, numbers, statistics, and monetary amounts where appropriate.
  • Write clearly and directly, and include pertinent details without providing extraneous or unrelated information.
  • Ensure that all information submitted is accurate.