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Understanding Human Trafficking


The Understanding Human Trafficking training is a series of five interactive online modules that offer foundational learning on trauma-informed and victim-centered approaches to human trafficking. The modules are designed so that a wide audience can benefit.

Potential learners include—

  • victim service providers who want to build their capacity,
  • allied professionals who wish to learn more about human trafficking, including first responders, government employees, and staff at community and faith-based organizations, and
  • members of the general public who are interested in human trafficking, including students, researchers, academics, and others.

Understanding Human Trafficking is unique in equipping participants to think critically about human trafficking using reliable resources, both locally and from across the United States. Some of the skills offered include—

  • implementing trauma-informed approaches to victim identification and outreach,
  • assessing victims for comprehensive service needs,
  • employing a collaborative victim service delivery model by connecting with local partners,
  • identifying accurate data and research on human trafficking, and
  • new strategies for researching and analyzing laws and policies that impact human trafficking, victim services, and victims' rights.

Date Created: May 29, 2020