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VOCA Compensation Formula Grant Program

The OVC Center for VOCA Administrators Introduction Video

September 2021

The OVC Center for VOCA Administrators (The OVC VOCA Center) provides peer-to-peer technical assistance to meet the needs of VOCA Administrators. The OVC VOCA Center will broaden victim services to historically underserved communities, provide grant and financial management training and technical assistance, offer learning opportunities designed specifically for VOCA Administrators, and foster expanded accessibility and sustainability of VOCA programs.

New Center Offers Support to VOCA Administrators

OVC Director Kristina Rose announces the launch of the OVC Center for VOCA Administrators to help build the capacity of VOCA Administrators to manage VOCA formula victim assistance and victim compensation funds.

OVC FY 2021 VOCA Victim Compensation Formula Grant

Closing Date
OVC will award each eligible state victim compensation program an annual grant equal to 60 percent of the amount the program awarded in state-funded victim compensation payments during the fiscal year 2 years prior to the present fiscal year, other than amounts awarded for property damage. Applicants must be State victim compensation programs that are eligible to administer VOCA Victim Compensation grants.

Compensation and Crowdfunding/Check-ins with Grant Managers

February 17, 2021

A Copy of an Email Sent by Kathrina S. Peterson, OVC Deputy Director, on February 11, 2021

Good Evening Everyone,

The purpose of this email is to provide information about compensation and crowdfunding, and also offer an opportunity to all of you to have more “regular” check-ins with your grant managers.