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There's More to Me


There’s More To Me is a graphic novel that tells the stories of five different youth—Alex, Jamal, Jesse, Amy, and Ari. Each character has their own experience as a victim or witness in a criminal case.

To illustrate the common occurrences in criminal cases in which youth are victims or witnesses, the stories showcase the characters interacting with victim...

Jamie's Story: a Journey Through (& Beyond) the Legal System


Jamie’s Story follows a young individual who identifies as nonbinary and serves as a victim witness in a sex trafficking case.

The story follows them as—

  • they are questioned during a police investigation;
  • speak with a prosecutor in preparation for testifying in court; and
  • receive support from their therapist, group home staff, and victim advocate.

Throughout the graphic novel...

Brave Oscar


Brave Oscar tells the story of what happens to a little boy named Oscar after his father is arrested.

To illustrate the common occurrences in criminal cases in which children are victims or witnesses, the story follows Oscar as he meets with a victim advocate and receives counseling, goes to court and testifies (this section is optional and may...

I Am Isabella


I Am Isabella tells the story of what happens to a young girl named Isabella after a caseworker visits her home.

To illustrate common occurrences in child welfare cases, the story follows Isabella as she meets a caseworker, talks to a counselor at school, goes to court and meets her advocate, and builds a network of support...



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