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Performance Measures

Where can I find my program’s performance measures?
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Where can I find my programs performance measures?

Victim Assistance performance measures collect data on the number of victims served, victim demographics, types of victimization, and services provided. Victim Assistance grantees and subgrantees report this data on activities supported with VOCA (Victims of Crime Act) grants and match funding.

Victim Compensation performance measures collect data on the number of applications received, approved, and denied; types of crime and victimization associated with those applications; and amount of expenses paid. Victim Compensation grantees should report data on all state compensation payments, including payments made with state and federal funds.

Human Trafficking performance measures capture a diverse range of activities as programs include law enforcement and direct service providers. These measures collect data about services provided to human trafficking victims, and investigations, prosecutions, training, partnership-building, community outreach, and other activities performed by grantees.

Transforming Victim Services performance measures collect data on a wide variety of programs. OVC discretionary grants are given directly to a grantee organization and fund national-scope demonstration projects and training and technical assistance to enhance the expertise of victim service providers.​​​

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Date Created: August 3, 2021