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Performance Measures

Human Trafficking Grantee Performance Measures
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Human Trafficking Grantee Performance Measures

OVC strives to uphold the intent of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 and its subsequent reauthorizations to ensure that all trafficking victims—regardless of immigration status, gender, or form of trafficking—receive justice and support in accessing the services they need.

OVC manages the largest amount of funding across the Federal Government dedicated to providing services to victims of human trafficking. OVC strengthens the response to human trafficking through grant funding for victim services, multidisciplinary teams, statewide responses to child and youth trafficking, training and technical assistance, and leadership in the field.

In 2020, all performance measures across the OVC human trafficking portfolio were revised to—

  • better reflect and report the activities of OVC’s human trafficking grantees,
  • standardize the questions across OVC’s human trafficking portfolio, and
  • align the human trafficking performance measures to OVC’s other performance measures.

Data from the revised performance measures allow OVC to communicate to its stakeholders the full picture of the benefits realized with OVC grant funds.

The Human Trafficking Enhanced Collaborative Model Solicitation is an example of old performance measures (Fiscal Year 2019 and prior).

Human Trafficking Performance Measure Map with Question Sets by Solicitation: FY 2017—FY 2020
List of all current and active OVC Human Trafficking awards by fiscal year. Locate the award name and fiscal year to see assigned performance measures question sets and reporting system.


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Date Created: August 4, 2021