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Performance Measures

How can grantees find support and resources?
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Grantee Support and Resources

OVC aims to support all grantees in reporting performance measures data thoroughly and accurately. OVC provides grantees with resources, including performance measures questionnaires, solicitation maps to locate performance measures topic areas, and system user guides.

New to OVC performance reporting?

Start with these resources:

  1. Transforming Victim Services Performance Measurement Welcome Guide
  2. Transforming Victims Services Performance Management: Introduction Webinar
  3. Victim Assistance Performance Management Welcome Guide
  4. Victim Assistance Performance Management: Introduction Webinar

Individual Support and Webinars

The OVC performance management team hosts individual support sessions via phone or virtual platform (WebEx) and educational webinars about grant program performance measures and PMT navigation.

Additional Support

If grantees have questions beyond what is addressed in the user guides or webinars, they may contact the OVC PMT Helpdesk to schedule a virtual session for account review, specific performance measures questions or support with staff turnover.

For PMT user guides and other reporting resources, please visit the Need Help? webpage within the PMT system or use the links on the How Are Performance Measures Reported? webpage.

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Date Created: August 6, 2021