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Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Administrators

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Performance Measures

All recipients and subrecipients of OVC formula funding are required to collect and report performance data that demonstrate how they are accomplishing the goals and objectives of the VOCA Victim Assistance and Victim Compensation formula grant programs. The accuracy and timeliness of reporting data is extremely important. Data reported by grantees allows OVC to—

  • demonstrate the value and specific benefits of the program to government agencies, the victim services field, the general public, and other stakeholders;
  • generate an annual report on the program to demonstrate outputs of grant funds; and
  • emphasize progress made toward achievement of OVC’s strategic and program goals.

Data Collected

Victim Assistance Performance Measures collect data on the number of victims served, victim demographics, types of victimization, and services provided. Victim Assistance grantees and subgrantees report this data on activities supported with VOCA grants plus match funding.

Victim Compensation Performance Measures collect data on the number of applications received, approved, and denied; types of crime and victimization associated with those applications; and amount of expenses paid. Victim Compensation grantees should report data on all state compensation payments, including payments made with state and federal funds.

At the end of each federal fiscal year, grantees respond to narrative questions on issues such as their education/coordination/outreach activities, policy changes, and emerging issues/notable trends.   

Victim Assistance grantees are also required to submit a Subgrant Award Report (SAR) for every subgrantee within 90 days after the subaward’s start date. The SAR captures the subgrantee name, type, and service area, and subaward amount, period of performance, and purpose. OVC uses this data on Victim Assistance subgrantees to respond to data requests from other government offices and the legislature, media groups, and other stakeholders.

Data Submission Process and Deadlines

Award recipients are required to provide relevant data by submitting quarterly performance measures through OVC’s online Performance Measurement Tool (PMT). Grantees and subgrantees should view their respective PMT fact sheets (Victim Assistance and Victim Compensation) for information about accessing PMT accounts, resetting passwords, and the function of some of the PMT pages.

Grantees enter performance measure data quarterly via the PMT. Every December, grantees must create an annual report from the PMT to upload into JustGrants. During the nonsubmission periods, grantees are encouraged to create a report from the PMT for their own records.

If VOCA Assistance Administrators choose to have their subgrantees submit the quantitative data, the VOCA Assistance Administrators should establish earlier reporting deadlines for their subgrantees.

Additional Information

Performance Measure Dictionary and Terminology Resource
This resource provides definitions for terms used across OVC performance measures and includes terms related to demographics, types of victimization, victim services, and victim compensation expense types.

Victim Assistance Prorating Strategies for Subgrantees
This resource clarifies situations when subgrantee data might be prorated and offers options for prorating subgrantee data before PMT entry.

Clarification for Victim Assistance Grantee PMT Reporting
This document clarifies the types of financial data that Victim Assistance grantees provide in the SAR, expectations around updating financial data in the PMT system, and the PMT’s role as a secondary data system.

Date Created: April 18, 2020