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Human trafficking

OVC Anti-Trafficking Commemorative Event

January 2027

In recognition of January’s National Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month, we hosted this 20th Anniversary Commemoration of OVC’s Anti-Trafficking Programs event.

The event theme is Collaboration, Transformation, and Impact: 20 Years of OVC’s Anti-Trafficking Efforts, which highlights grantees’ impact on the lives of thousands of trafficking survivors over two decades of OVC funding, assistance and support, while also looking to the future as the Department of Justice’s response to human trafficking continues to evolve.

Collaboration: 20 Years of OVC’s Anti-Trafficking Efforts

January 2023

This video acknowledges the partnerships that have been created through OVC anti-trafficking funding over the last 20 years.

It highlights efforts to strengthen collaborations with survivor leaders; establish partnerships; reduce barriers to care and services; and provide a more coordinated and victim-centered response.

Transformation: 20 Years of OVC’s Anti-Trafficking Efforts

January 2023

This video reflects on the changes, growth, and lessons learned over the years, with a look to the future as federal anti-trafficking efforts continue to evolve.

Learn how OVC anti-trafficking programing has helped ensure quality services are available and accessible to survivors.

OVC Human Trafficking Program – Writing a Comprehensive Semiannual Report

January 2023

This recorded webinar is for Human Trafficking victim service providers and Enhanced Collaborative Model task forces funded by OVC in FY 2020 and forward. It provides information on the how collected quantitative performance measure data will inform semiannual narrative responses, shares new semiannual performance reporting tips and tricks, and shows grantees how examining their own grant performance measure data can build stories based on grant activity for their semiannual report responses. View the webinar presentation slides.

January 2023 Featured Resources

This featured news content includes information about National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, National Stalking Awareness Month, Identity Theft Awareness Week, and updates on the upcoming National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

View a New Guide to Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking

This January marks 20 years of OVC’s anti-trafficking efforts. In recognition of these efforts, OVC has released a Commemoration Guide to support the field in its efforts to raise awareness for human trafficking victims’ rights and services.