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Performance Measures

Interagency Agreements Performance Measures
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Interagency Agreements Performance Measures

OVC works to enhance the Nation’s capacity to assist crime victims and to provide leadership in changing attitudes, policies, and practices in ways that will promote justice and healing for all victims.

In this capacity, OVC strives to ensure that all crime victims receive the necessary services and referrals that they need and are entitled to under the Victims’ Rights and Restitution Act and the Attorney General Guidelines for Victim and Witness Assistance.

OVC program funding supports federal victim specialist positions across the country through interagency agreements (IAA) designed to serve victim needs and educate law enforcement agents on best practices for providing rights and services to crime victims. OVC’s IAA funding also supports training and technical assistance designed for a range of audiences seeking knowledge and skills in the fair and sensitive treatment of victims of federal crime.

Data from the performance measures allows OVC to communicate to its stakeholders the full picture of the benefits realized with OVC grant funds.

Performance Measure Dictionary and Terminology Resource

The OVC Performance Measure Dictionary and Terminology Resource is designed as a resource for terms used as part of OVC’s performance data collection efforts. Check out this resource for standardized definitions and examples for easier reporting.

Performance Measures

Interagency Agreements Performance Measure Questionnaire
This document contains a full list of all the performance measures and instructions for OVC IAA partners.

Date Modified: October 25, 2023
Date Created: May 31, 2023